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Yantai Chaoshui International Airport Project
Publisher:Guangxi-Asean Entrepreneur Association    date:[2009.10.27]

Ⅰ.Project Name
Yantai Chaoshui International Airport Project

Ⅱ.The project content and construction scale
Yantai Chaoshui International Airport was designed for domestic central airport,international scheduled flights airport,airlines base airport.The overall planning for the near future target in 2025, the annual passenger throughput reach 10 million passengers, cargo and mail handling capacity reach 14 million tons.Recent indicators of the airfield design by 4D levels, taking into account part of the E Class models; planning a runway length of 3600m, width of 45m (each side of the Road is located 7.5m wide shoulders), the actual building is 3400m;terminal design area is 80,000 ㎡, the total construction scale of airport is about 32 square meters.

Ⅲ.The construction address
Shui Town penglai City

Ⅳ.The construction conditions
1. Building the Yantai Chaoshui international airport is the reality that Yantai and the Bohai Rim EconomiC Cirle developing requirs.
The Shandong Peninsula focus on the stratege for developing the blue economic zone,Jiaodong Penisula high-end industry area,the yellow River efficient eco-economic zone.Therefore,Yantai efforts to build 200kilometers coastal economic industry areas in its north.Penlai is in the middle of the costal economic industry zonem and it is an important point of Bohai Rim Circle even Northrast Asia.Building new civil airport in Penlai,can affect lager radius,effectly make use of transport conditions of the Jiaodong northest part in the Bohai Rim zone,promoting the development of coastal eeconomic industry zone in Yantai.

2. Penglai in ancient is one of the four ports-Dengzhou Port and  location of Dengzhou government department,the"Marine Silk Road" starting point,it’s  2100 years of history since sub-Han Dynasty built the city,it is most rich in historical and cultural and one of the most famous city in Shandong Province ,is the highest concentration of tourist attractions in the surrounding areas.It will greatly promote the development of Jiaodong even Shandong tourism industry after builing the Yantai Chaoshui International Airport.

3. The Yantai International Airport will be sbout 43 kilometers away from Yantai city,having a vast hinterland and will rely on the Yantai-Dalian Railway Ferry, Longyan Railway, Yantai Port West Harbor each other to form the transportation hub inclluding sea, land and ai. It helps to improve three-dimensional freight routes and logistics center in Yantai even the Jiaodong Peninsula,strenthen the support of  manufacturing base.

Ⅴ. Total investment
The airport construction program total investment is expected to 6.5 million, which in 2009 the budget will invest 285 million. Mainly solve by the Yantai government self-financing, subsidies for national special funds, commercial banks loans and foreign investment and other channels.

Ⅵ.The market economic analysis and forecast
Estimated total investment of financial internal return rate be 5.79%, investment recovery period is 18 years.

Joint venture and cooperation.

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